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1 a sheath worn to protect a finger [syn: fingerstall]
2 baby bed with high sides [syn: crib]
3 a small bed that folds up for storage or transport [syn: camp bed]

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  1. A simple bed, especially one for portable or temporary purposes.
  2. A wooden bed frame, slung by its corners from a beam, in which officers slept before the introduction of bunks.
  3. A crib (child's bed).
  4. A finger cover uses to prevent static discharge.
  5. A cottage or small homestead.


portable or temporary bed
nautical:wooden bed frame
bed for children
finger cover
  • Finnish: mökki

Old English


cot (plural cotas)
  1. a cottage



Latin cubitus


  1. elbow

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Cot, COT or CoT may refer to:
In transportation:
Cot may also refer to:
  • Camp bed, a simple, temporary, portable bed
  • Car of Tomorrow, a car design by NASCAR
  • Commitments of Traders (COT) Report, issued weekly by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission summarizing market activity
  • Crossroads of Twilight
  • cyclooctatetraenyl, functional group in chemistry, abbreviated as COT
  • Infant bed, a small bed specifically for infants (also crib)
  • Côt, a Loire Valley name for the Malbec grape
  • COT, Continuous Overseas Tour, military term for serving a second (or more) tour overseas. A COT request is required for a continuous tour within 7th Fleet in the Navy.

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Colonial bed, Hollywood bed, bassinet, bed-davenport, berth, blockhouse, box, bungalow, bunk, bunk bed, cabin, camp bed, chalet, cote, cottage, cradle, crib, day bed, door bed, double bed, double bunk, duplex bed, feather bed, fold-away bed, four-poster, hammock, hospital bed, king-size bed, lodge, log cabin, love nest, lower berth, pallet, panel bed, pied-a-terre, pipe berth, poster bed, quarter berth, queen-size bed, roll-away bed, single bed, snuggery, sofa-bed, tester bed, three-quarter bed, truckle bed, trundle bed
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